about 3600 changes wroclaw

3600 changes wroclaw is an art project, and public intervention of the austrian artist and performer Jasmin Schaitl, realized between the 27th march until the 4th of april 2018, in the 100 meter surrounding of Galeria Entropia, in Wroclaw, within the frame of her preparations of her solo-exhibition “time takes over” (opening 25.4.2018 at Galeria Entropia).

for this art project the artist stood for 9 days at a specific angle on 36 locations, of the external circle on the 100m map, while recording the own voice, describing the first 100 sensory changes the artist experienced. all these recordings and its transcriptions, are available on this website, and are published in an art book (series 1/5).

in addition, the art-book “3600 changes wroclaw” is exhibited as one of the works of her solo-exhibition “time takes over”, and is containing all the transcribed changes she perceived, pronounced, and typed, including the on-site photographs and maps.

JASMIN 36 perspectives WROCLAW mapa